FONTAŃSKI Marine Supply

Fontański Marine Supply specializes in distribution of maps and nautical publications. Since 2016 we are the official distributor of the British Admiralty. Our offer also includes maps of the Polish Hydrographic Office, Norwegian maps issued by The Norwegian Hydrografic Service and Danish, Finnish, Estonian, Swedish and American maps. All maps are sold with current corrections. In order to meet our customers’ expectations, we have introduced maps printed on demand. We have two plotters that allow us to deliver even more maps, in even shorter time. We print maps of the British Admiralty and Norwegian maps.
We offer the following nautical publications: ITU, IMO, Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson Ltd., Witherby Seamanship International Ltd., The Shipping Guides, ILO, ICS. You can also buy electronic maps, e-books, digital publications and navigation software from us.
We cooperate with shipowners, agents, shipchandlers, schools, shipyards. We carry out orders for the water sports and recreation market. We select maps and publications for a specific voyage, equip vessels according to the safety card. Our work is characterized by individual approach to the customer. In our offer we also have pyrotechnics, rescue equipment, navigation equipment, radio equipment and on-board equipment.

Fontański Marine Supply is a team of people who are focused on meeting the needs of customers. Our advantage is our knowledge and experience, thanks to which we provide customer service at the highest level. We are open to development, so we respond to every inquiry from our industry. We are willing to take on new challenges.

We invite you to cooperation!
FONTAŃSKI Marine Supply Team